Story mode is the main part of the game. A little story is presented to the player in the beginning and he is then thrown into the world of bricks. All he has is small amount of coins, few diamonds, empty backpack and a huge map, which scrolls almost forever. The goal is to beat all levels displayed on the map, one per other. Fight with time in time limited levels, use whole palette of different skills to defeat monster bricks, collect various and funny bits of bric-a-brac and much more.

Game goals

todo something that one level is timed, second can be to do something else blabla


Player's health is represented by amount of hearts. When he or she fails to complete the latest unlocked level, one heart is removed. If none are left, he or she cannot restart the level until he or she gains more health.

There are several ways how to gain health:


Map leads player through many different kinds of landscapes. Each one of them has a special feature, with which the player needs to deal with, in order to finish levels inside. In the end of every landscape waits a finale level. Finale levels are more dangerous and tough to beat than the other ones and they are the only way to unlock subsequent landscapes. All landscapes and their specifications are listed in the table below in order in which they are available in-game.

Landscape name Special feature Levels *
Lost forrest ??? ???

Brick burst

na konci kola vyleti zbyvajici micky smerem k planku, hrac je odrazi a snazi se je trefit do policek nahore..


Combo - progress bar.. bude se porad odecitat a cihlicka vzdy pricte neco.. x2 x3 …

User interface

Ukazovat pocet hvezdicek na mape

languages: czech, english

MOZNA tam mit tlacitko ktere dycky hrace prenese na aktivni level..

Goodies budou zobrazene na mape, bude jich jen par..

Nejaky vtipny typek co bude vyjizdet z obrazovky..

level editor ??? potrebuje zvlastni stranku

Item shop

Kupovani itemu za penize, itemy jsou dostupne jen od urciteho poctu hvezdicek ktere hrac nasbiral.. itemy dostupne pouze tady v obchudku

Daily rewards

Every day that player opens the game, he is rewarded with an amount of coins, diamonds or whatever.. He can see a calendar showing him what he can get next days and every day he goes in game he receives reward (combo)..