Levels say where the bricks will be in them and what game mode is tied to them. There are 200+ levels available and all needs to be beaten in order to finish the game. Each level can be finished with 1 to 3 stars, depending on points gathered when playing the level. Most levels (their content - bricks) are constantly moving down towards the plank and when they get under certain height, the level ends. Speed of the movement differs from level to level. Every level has also predefined number of balls, which players can use. However, final number of available balls can be increased by active and passive skills.

Legendary mode

ukazat nejakou ikonku kdyz hrac projede level na jednu kulicku.. kdyz hrac projede na tri hvezdy a navic jen s jednim balonkem, dostane nejaky token bonus blabla.. pokud projede na tri hvezdy ale ne na jeden balonek, tak se mu otevre legendary mode, do ktereho vstoupi pouze s jednim balonkem..

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