Big messy unsorted list of overlapping information and ideas

combos when hitting more bricks without the plank..

special skills related to the char class - magnetic man can stop the ball on plank and continue on touch.. sniper can see where the next shot will go (later even with hold breath - slow motion)..

rainbow brick (man) - spin wheel for random superpower..

local multiplayer? - both sides have plank and between there is a lot of bricks.. if playerA plank hits the ball, all points will go to him until playerB hits the ball.. both players have lives, when a player run out of them, game ends and points are collected, winner get extra points..

Player chooses only few skills into the levels? And he can upgrade the number of slots?

we can make the levels larger in a way that new bricks will somehow fall or appear from the top or something..

we will need an inventory of all collected items.. scrolls, other game functioning items, talismans to help in one game and also all collectibles.. also for guns.. player should have slot for guns to put on the plank.. every plank should have different effect (luck +10, ball +1.. etc.) my idea with collectibles is, that we will display just outline or silhouette of all not-yet-collected items and colorful collected ones. maybe in inventory, there should be a place to put (select) a ball and plank.. so that the player can drop better plank from the monster bricks.. or he can buy it in the STORE.

something what is daily.. daily challenges

player should have level.. the more he will play, the bigger level he will have.. when he will be stuck on some level he can still play and e.g. unlock some skill because he reached the level, buy it and it will help him to finish the level he is stuck in..

When level starts, player uses top side of the screen to aim (use the aimer from the game i downloaded from git, was cool) (sharpshooter can then expand the length of aimer using upgrades) and whe player touches bottom end of the screen he starts the level

Player breaks a special brick, special skill is generated from the brick and falling down.

RANDOM DROP GENERATOR A random drop can be generated every time the ball hits a brick. The probability of generating a drop is given by dropProbability parameter of PlayerStats object.

achievements in-game for which player will get special points (or diamonds, maybe also offer diamonds for tough missions)..

todo there can also be quests! player can encounter a quest somehow and it will say to him to revisit certain level of certain landscape to find something.. he will play the level e.g. three times because there will be chance to drop certain level only in certain landscapes or only in one specific level..

skills - magnet where player shoots all at once and magnet where player shoot one per each other..

super shoots (buttons left side of screen.. shotgun, pistol..).. (requires to have touch area only under the plank

what to do with remaining balls? something like peggle is wanted here..

maybe the ball should shoot to random direction at first, then it should show where it will shoot but not controllable and then passive skills will make it controllable and player will see more and more longer line...

maybe the player should have some kind of mana and can use several bricks from skill bar when he wants?

flip coin in some occasions, when I don't know, maybe it can be learnt as special ability and then upgrade chance?

NERFS - A Nerf is a negative "upgrade". There is a small chance of getting the Nerf from a Brick on hit. Mirror - change direction of movement.. player's thumb goes left, plank goes right Plank Shrink - makes the plank smaller Ball Shrink - makes the ball smaller Warp - makes the ball go faster than usually Gravity - makes the bricks move down a little faster Shuffle - stops the game for a while, shuffles all bricks and then continues the game