Drops are.. blabla falling from bricks, can be positive or negative..

Drop name Effect Level * Upgrade Cost to learn
Ball Plus ??? ??? ??? ???
Blockade ??? ??? ??? ???
Expand Plank ??? ??? ??? ???
Fireball ??? ??? ??? ???
Ghost Plank ??? ??? ??? ???
Magnet ??? ??? ??? ???
Speed Down ??? ??? ??? ???
Split ??? ??? ??? ???
Relax ??? ??? ??? ???
Overclock doubles the number of points taken from Bricks ??? every upgrade makes the effect last longer ???
Boomchain detonates in time intervals ??? every upgrade adds one more explosion ???
Boomchain 2 detonates when ball hits brick many times ??? every upgrade adds one more explosion ???
Hammer all active balls gets bigger ??? every upgrade increases the time of the effect ???
Ball Minus ??? ??? ??? ???
Shrink Plank ??? ??? ??? ???
Speed Up ??? ??? ??? ???
Stun Speed of the plank is decreased dramatically for 5 seconds. ??? ??? ???
Hyper Speed of all active balls is increased by 50%. ??? ??? ???
Petrify All bricks are petrified and cannot be broken with any kind of a ball for 5 seconds. ??? ??? ???
Paralyze Plank is stuck and cannot be moved for 3 seconds. ??? ??? ???
Repel Plank repels coins and they fly away from it, so it's not possible to collect them for 10 seconds. ??? ??? ???
Plunder One ball is removed from players ball stack. ??? ??? ???
Mirror Game controls are reversed and plank is always going different direction than player's finger. ??? ??? ???
Blunt Plank aiming is disabled for 10 seconds. ??? ??? ???

To divide to skills or drops

Skill name Effect Level * Upgrade Cost to learn
Vision can see invisible bricks ??? every upgrade increases the time of the effect ???
Slow-mo next few hits will be in slow motion and with sight helpline, game will slow down when the ball is near plank. ??? number of hits ???
Shock ball destroys nearest bricks when charged with this skill (stops the game for a second?) ??? every upgrade make this skill stronger and the shock the reflects from one brick to another ???
Kaboom stops the balls, turns them into bombs and detonates them which makes an circular explosion ??? with every upgrade the explosion radius is bigger and the explosion itself is more powerful (can destroy doublebrix) ???
Canon Guns will appear on the edges of the plank and start shooting ??? every upgrade makes the guns shoot faster and longer ???
Inflammable plank will catch fire and all balls that hits it will catch fire for certain period also.. ??? Number of "catches on fire" ???
Double trouble from left and right top corners of the screen two cannons arise and start shooting the ball throughbricks.. ??? ??? ???
Electro cage from left and right corner two generators arise and start charging slowly.. then create a field between them and ball which causes damage.. ??? ??? ???
Splitter ??? ball splits on collision into two, next level of skill - balls again split on collision.. ??? Number of consequent ball splits. ???
Time freeze ??? Time will freeze so in timed level, player will have better chance to win it and in levels without time limit, he will get more coins because the time of the level is used as a factor in coin reward generating in the end of successfully finished level ??? ??? ???

Wide mind - plank disappears and level is outlined with portals on all sides.. ball moves freely and when it touches the wall, it teleports to the opposite one..(when this power-up ends, level freezes and there is a countdown for player to prepare the plank) powerup: every upgrade increases the time of the effect

??? something like blockade, but it will collect coins powerup: time it lasts..

Explosion grow - turns neighbor bricks into exploding ones powerup: ???

Scope - can see where the ball will go after the next plank hit powerup: every upgrade increases the time of the effect