This page describes what particular types of a Brick exists and what they do. The brick itself is, what a player needs to destroy, in order to proceed in a level. Each level is made with different number of bricks and its layout. When a brick is hit and destroyed by a ball, there is a certain chance of it generating a random amount of coins. Also, it can release a random drop. The chance of encountering coins and it's amount is upgradeable as well as the chance of encountering a drop.

Types of Brick

Monster Brick list

Name Health Special ability Coin multiplier Item drop chance
Ember 5 No special ability 2x 15%
Grime 5 Generates fog around itself every 10 seconds for 3 seconds. 2x 15%

Maybe one monster brick can have paralyze for one second

TODO IDEA -- all drops and coins that the player did get in a level should be collected ONLY if he finishes the level successfully.. otherwise show him that he collected this and that and he will lost it.. or he can play a video and get few more balls..

ideas - monster can heal after 10 seconds for certain amount

Moving bricks?